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Sipanska Luka (bay) runs south-east into the heart of Otok Sipan for 3nm and at its widest point (its entrance) is a 1nm across. At its south-east end is the village of Sipanska Luka (Luka Town) a clatter of houses, small holdings and restaurants surrounding a large open bay which for much of its coast has been protected by a concrete harbour wall. The town boasts all of the facilities one might expect in a small Croatian settlement including a good choice of restaurants and bars, a bank machine and cycle hire as well as one hotel and a tourist office. The main attraction here for any staying for more than a quick overnight stop are the potential for a day walking with options ranging from the 7km to Sudurad, through a route along the southern edge of Sipanska Luka to various beaches, to a climb to the highest point on the island Sv. Ilija, overlooking the bay and the town (ca 5km round). Sipanska Luka (Town) is one of two good havens on Otok Sipan the other being at Sudurad at the Island’s south-east end. Sipan the first large island to the north-west of Dubrovnik. The harbour in Luka offers stern too mooring in between 2-2.5 metres (at the dock edge) to the south east of the ferry pier on the north-east side of the bay (port side as you enter). The dock has around 10-12 laid moorings with access to water and one or two power hook-ups. Like a lot of small towns the harbour master/assistant should be on hand to help mooring, but is some times absent in reality. In the shelter of the ferry pier this harbour wall provides excellent shelter, though a swell is said to build up when the wind blows from the north-west. It is not clear how much shelter the pier will provide. Pilot books seem to suggest there is more depth against this harbour wall than was apparent during our visit, though there may be up to 3 metres of depth for a boat of around 40 ft mooring stern too, but care should be taken over the available depth even in the scope of the very limited Adriatic tide. If in doubt about the available depth you should consider taking a buoy at the Kod Marka restaurant on the other side of the bay (opposite the harbour wall) or dropping a anchor in the centre of the bay. Moorings shown in most pilots to the south against the harbour wall at the end of the bay in front of the hotel appear to be impractical for all but the very shallowest craft. Against the wall there is between 0.5-1m of water and the depth only increases very gently as you move north-west out into the bay.


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