Moorspots | Zaklopatica

Whether you consider this idillic bay a harbour or an anchorage it is a must visit. Located on the northern shore of the remote island of Lastovo it is one of the great secrets of the yachting fraternity of Croatia. They bay has two apparent entrances either side of a small island that sits on its seaward side and provides all round shelter with the exception of north-easterly winds. Only the eastern entrance is passable. Once inside there is plenty of space to anchor but also three small pontoons provided by the three restaurants on the bay’s southern shore. Of these we have reports for the most westerly - Augusta Insula where one of the proprietors will help you moor against their well appointed pontoon. Mooring is free if you eat at their restaurant and there is space for about 20+ boats. Water and power are available on request. We rate this site 5 flags on the basis of location and service at Augusta Insula as well as the available services The other two restaurants in the bay, Triton and Aragosta seem to operate similar arrangements. There is a harbour wall along the western edge of the bay with some deep water mooring, but this is usually occupied by Gullets and other cruise boats. A road leads from the back of the bay east and up hill for 2-3 kms into the town of Lastovo where most of the local services are located.


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