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A couple of km north of the bay containing the town and harbour of Milna on the western shore of Brac you will find the narrow inlet of Uvala Bobovicsa. Running inland this inlet forks with potential anchorages to the north (port as you enter) and the town and harbour to the south (starbord as you enter). Heading into the town you will find a quiet little settlement with laid moorings, power and water against a short harbour wall that can accommodate around 10 vessels. ‘Parking’ is quite tight as there is relatively little room for manoeuvre but as with most Croatian harbours there is a ‘harbour master’ on hand to help you get tied up and to take your fees. The town itself is entirely centred around the harbour and has several restaurants by way of services. The Konoba Vala, overlooking the harbour wall, was lively, well frequented and during our visit played music through till around 21:30 before falling silent. The Grill Nazor restaurant was closed during our visit in early July 2009. In addition to the restaurants there is toilets and rubbish bins beyond the small park at the head of the bay. There is also a small grocery store and on occasion fresh fish can be bought directly from the town’s small fishing boats. To the west towards the sea there are several designated swimming areas, marked by ropes and float lines, this is probably a good thing in what is otherwise a narrow inlet with yachts and other boats passing up and down it. This quiet little harbour is a fantastic plagge to stop either simply for a visit to Brac (and it looks as if it might have good potential as a base for walking) or as a convenient stop-over coming to or from any one of the charter bases and main Marina’s on the main shore (ACI Split, ACI Trogir, Kremik, Kastel etc). It is generally quiet, friendly and makes a great alternative for those who do not want to try either ACI Milna or Marina Vlaska in the adjacent and larger town of Milna. One note of caution regards strong winds from the South-West which can build a swell up in the harbour. We were present during a westerly and there was no swell, but it required a lot of tension on the lazy line to ensure we were moored square to the harbour wall.


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