PRESS RELEASE – Delft, April 4th, 2018

Dutch startup launches free app for worldwide water sports community

An app with a wealth of information about marinas and anchorages, worldwide. Thanks to five Dutch sailing enthusiasts, it is now available for download in the Apple App store. With this app you can easily search, complement and share experiences, photos and reviews of marinas and anchorages worldwide.

Summer 2015, Croatia coastal waters: Five sailors were looking for nice marinas and anchorages in the area, but this proved to be more difficult than expected. Information is spread out over several websites and apps. One website provides information about the marina facilities, another website provides local restaurant details. Outdated info, old reviews. “There must be a better way”, they thought and decided to develop a solution themselves.

All info in one place

The basic idea: all the information that sailors want in one place. With the possibility to post reviews and have up-to-date information on things related to marinas and anchorages. The Moorspots app is in English and contains information about marinas and anchorages around the world. What is the most beautiful anchorage? What is the best marina? Does it have the facilities that I need? Through the app you can easily share experiences, view and upload photos and post reviews. Created by water sports enthusiasts for water sports enthusiasts.

Make the most out of your holiday

With the app you make the most out of your sailing holiday, says co-founder Marco Koekkoek: “You do not want to waste time in a crowded and over expensive marina, but you rather set sail to that authentic coastal village where you can moor alongside a quay, right at the village square. With pilot books only, you usually do not find such a gem. And with reviews and photos you can easily decide whether you want to go there.” Co-founder Jaap Leving worked on the user-friendliness of the app. “We made it for water sports enthusiasts, easy to use and with a simple structure. So, you can easily find what you are looking for. “

Take a look yourself

Download the Moorspots app in the Apple App Store. You can also find more information on