Moorspots support page

To help you find an answer to your questions we have listed the most asked questions and answers below.

Yes we do not charge anything to you for using the app. Your contribution by sharing your reviews and great spots is what keeps us going.

When you are in the maps view, click the add marina or add anchorage button.

Yes! But please keep the relevance in mind. Photo’s should provide a general idea on the marina or anchorage.

When you have downloaded and installed the app and you want to add a review or edit a marina or anchorage, a registration form automatically appears.

The android versions of the app will be available in the future. For now only the iOS app is available

Yes, Moorspots will run on an iPhone and iPad as long as it’s running iOS 10.0 or later.

We love to hear your feedback! Please visit the following page:

Moorspots is a platform for sharing information and experiences. English is the language that is allowed for now.

Does your Moorspots crashes often when zooming in and out? Then go to your profile and switch off “use map cluster annotations”. This will switch off clustering of the marinas and anchorages. There is a bug reported to Apple but not fixed yet.

Still need help? When your question is not listed, you can also contact us by email: